the up company case study
The Up Company Process

The Situation:

The end to end process of onboarding and induction, that has multiple touch points, hand-offs across different functional areas and ultimately impacts the effectiveness of your core asset – your people! Can be the make or break between landing and engaging a new hire.

The Task:

A multi-national defence company identified a potential cost saving of over £2m per year for making employees productive 3 days earlier in their onboarding process. With 84% of new starters feeling that 1st day readiness could be improved – the stage was set.

Action Taken:

A ‘Springboard Event’ was created by a design team made up of representatives from 8 global markets. Following 6 virtual design team meetings, the ‘Springboard Event’ was held over 2 days with over 60 attendees from around the world.

The Result:

In 48 hours, what were disparate market entities that had never worked together, built an agreed new starter experience, with the requisite end to end process, business investment cases, technology solutions, communications and project plan for their Board approval. Organisational Effectiveness at its best!

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