The UK Customer Experience (CE) Team of a leading global consumer electronics company had the ambition to bring itself even closer to its customers, other business units and each other. It was seeking to bring its team of 90 UK-field and office-based employees together as a collective in order to strengthen relationships, boost collaboration and drive performance.


To support the Leadership Team of 11 in the next stage of their team development to lead increased engagement and stronger relationships across CE. The Leadership Team wanted to provide their own teams the opportunity to equip themselves with skills to adapt their style to better connect with others. As a result of the teams becoming closer, they were seeking further opportunities to collaborate in order to add even more value to their millions of UK customers.


Pre-interviews and questionnaires provided insight and analysis that shaped the units of work in the room – focusing on awareness, building stronger levels of trust, improving team effectiveness through review of group dynamics, and creating a clear focus of their work together via a clarified purpose and strategy.

Throughout August every member of the 90-strong CE team attended a one-day Personal Effectiveness workshop where we used Insights Discovery to raise awareness of personal preferences and how to adapt styles in order to better connect with peers and customers.

To further embed learning and heightened self-awareness from the workshops, we prepared each of the Directors to facilitate follow-on sessions to enable in-tact group work which un-locked further improvements in team effectiveness and collaboration.

Our final intervention was a Springboard Event™, where the Leadership Team had been developed to co-facilitate alternative approaches and formats to group discussions, interventions and activities. The day furthered connections across the teams and identified remaining obstacles to be removed to ensure effective, on-going collaboration.


The annual companywide engagement survey in September 2018 saw an uplift of 7 points and represented the highest levels of engagement in CE in ten years. The away days also identified further opportunities to engage the teams such as the creation of a strategy sub-group, where any employee in the business area can contribute towards the ideas and formation of the team’s future focus.

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