the up company case study
The Up Company Strategy

The Situation:

Following a restructure, a Leadership Team within a division of a global communications company were wrestling with creating one, aligned and clear multi-year strategy for their ~1,500 employees across 20+ countries. Directors themselves were located across Europe with varying remits, differing views of what the future should look like and therefore how to be best placed to keep ahead of competitors.

The Task:

We were tasked with facilitating the creation of an un-biased Strategy that each member had equally contributed to, that recognised the impact of the decisions made on both the team and individuals. It was key that the team had confidence in their collective output in order to engage their division in their ambition as employees “would know if they were up for it”.

The context it was created within needed to take into account both external and internal factors to be ready to service the rest of the company as it navigated an increasing digital, automated and complex environment.

Action Taken:

Across three sessions we used a blend of graphic facilitation, rapid enquiry, future visioning and team coaching to enable the team of multiple nationalities to create their Strategy. By facilitating equal voice and shared views, each exercise and dilemma was navigated by the team with confidence, resulting in an output that they were committed to.

The Result:

Due to the depth and commitment to the outputs, the Strategy was introduced to the whole division at follow up meetings and away days over the following few weeks.

The team are now united around one common direction and all efforts and future conversations are focused on the same set of priorities and narratives throughout ~1,500 employees. The opportunity for mixed messages and levels of investment has dramatically reduced, being replaced with clarity and momentum.

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